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Customer Testimonials
1/7/15 At Clark Lane Middle School, heating coils in the roof top units had frozen and cracked several fittings. Repairs took all night, and it was necessary for Staff to call out for parts. The owner of Jan Electronics answered a call at 3:00 am at his house in order to obtain the necessary fuses. The value of having good relationships with local vendors cannot be measured at times like this. Clark Lane Middle School was up and functioning the same morning as if nothing had happened. Bob Sirpenski, Waterford Schools
“Whether our needs are capacitors, transistors, resistors, special batteries or the occasional Fluke meter fuse or all my special order parts, JANs is the place we get them.”

Brian filled out our in-store testimony form. He stated that we were able to provide the exact item he was looking for, it only took us 2 days to get, and that he has never had any problems with our services providing good pricing or finding the proper item. Thanks Brian!Brian Golden, Aqua Massage
Phone: 860-442-4386 | karl@janelectronics.com | 6 Truman Street, New London, CT 06320